Technical Information

On this page we will be adding various technical information documents, links and MSDS relating to our range of products at regular intervals.

If, however, you find that non of these answer your queries regarding our products, please contact us via email, fax or phone (details on the right) and we will endevour to supply you with the information you require as soon as possible.


Non-Woven materials - relating to our Bariatric Gowns and Pyjamas:

Wikipedia article on nonwoven fabric

Technical Non-wovens - The Nonwoven Advantage

What is PP Spunbond fabric? (Adobe acrobat document)


ABC Pinkies - MSDS - Adobe acrobat documents:

Super absorbent polymer - safety data sheet

Sanicare Hotmelt adhesive - safety data sheet

Bleached Kraft Pulp - MSDS


Silicone dressings:

Information sheet (Adobe acrobat document)


Hydrocolloid Gel - as used in the Neo Guard, Neo Strip and Neo Velum:

World Wide Wounds - hydrocolloid dressings - FAQ's







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